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Kitchen dish washing sponge (x5)

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Introducing our exquisite dark grey kitchen dishwashing sponges – a perfect blend of style and functionality. Ideal for effortlessly cleaning dishes and kitchen countertops, these sponges boast impressive water absorbency. Crafted from eco-friendly cellulose, they are fully biodegradable, contributing to a sustainable kitchen routine.
Our sponges come conveniently pressed down in a compact size, ensuring easy storage. Once submerged in water for the first time, they expand to their original form, ready for effective cleaning. Each pack contains five of these versatile and eco-conscious sponges. Elevate your kitchen cleaning experience with our beautiful and practical dark grey sponges today!


100% cellulose


The optimal lifespan typically ranges from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on usage and care.


Made in China
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Why choose cellulose?

Unlike traditional sponges, it is crafted from fully biodegradable cellulose material, making it an environmentally conscious choice. With exceptional water absorbency, this sponge excels in effortlessly cleaning dishes and kitchen countertops. Its unique feature of compression for storage and expansion upon contact with water adds practicality to its innovative design.
  • Rinse & squeeze

    After every use, rinse your sponge thoroughly with warm water and squeeze excess moisture. This prevents bacterial growth and expands its lifespan.
  • Air dry

    Properly aired sponges last longer, so give them space to dry. Remember that moisture can lead to mold.
    Buy sponge holder 
  • Rotate

    Maximize your sponges by rotating them for different tasks. Use separate sponges for dishes, stovetops, countertops, and bathroom surfaces.
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Customer Reviews

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Eva Petrovica

Man ļoti patīk!

These are not as soft and observant as the previous I ordered

These are not as soft and observant as the previous I ordered.


Brīnišķīga dizaina sūklis .

Patricija Vidovska
Beautiful sponges

Not only practical but also very pretty sponges 🤍 Perfect combo with the holder

Agnese Vanaga
lieliski sūkļi

Ļoti patīk melnie sūkļi un tie noteikti jāpērk kopā ar turētāju, ko var ielīmēt izlietnē. Tas ļauj sūklim izžūt un nepiesūkties ar nepatīkamiem aromātiem.

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